Universal feeding magazine UF 6.25

The Schwab universal feeding magazine represents an ideal solution for loading and feeding cycle-controlled machines. It is also the optimal expansion for existing facilities.

Flexible and versatile

Increase level of automation of facility

For many production facilities for small to medium batch sizes it is hardly worthwhile to invest in elaborate feeding systems which are equipped with extensive format part sets. With our universal feeding magazine you can increase the level of automation of such a facility without reducing the existing flexibility. A huge variety of product shapes can be  altered and loaded into the automat clock-accurately in a timely manner without any tools and format parts. Depending on the size and shape, there are various bunker options available to prolong the run time. Alternatively the universal feeding magazine can be equipped into a separate, fully automated machine with PLC control  and individual stations.


Technical data

Universal feeding magazine UF 6.25


960 mm


450 mm


300 mm


48 kg

Type of drive

pneumatic or electric

(depending on product and type of drive)

Pneumatic: up to 60 pcs./minute
Electric: up to 90 pcs./minute

Suitable products


Ø 5 – 25 mm


45 – 250 mm

Product shapes
(must be checked for suitability)

round, oval, angular, conically recessed

more dimension upon request

All measurements are approximate values.