Book binding
multi-purpose press

With the Schwab precision press you can perform book binding and restoration works with particular accuracy.

Basic model type I

Press body made of steel pipes in horizontal position

Basic model type II

Press body made of cast iron in vertical position
here with wooden base cabinet (accessory)

Accessory type I and II

Conic jaws

Trimming plane

Thread-binding jaws

Bottom Stop

  • Conic jaws to increase the pressure on the folding area
  • Trimming plane with disc blade, similar to the historic original
  • Base cabinet with intermediate shelf to store pressboards
  • Jaws for thread-binding to process books with raised bands
  • Depth stop as stop for loose sheets during glue binding

Traditional and long-lasting

Proven systems

Both presses can be used in horizontal position with accessories and in vertical position as relief press. The pressing device can be tilted by 90° without much effort thanks to the easy to handle tilt mechanism. The jaws have a width of 125 mm and a clear width of 500 mm (type I) and 430 mm (type II) between the stand pipes. They run absolutely parallel due to column guides fitted to the sides. Conic jaws which are easy to attach can be mounted on the parallel jaws. This facilitate the pressing of the joints enormously. Usable with accessories as hand press or finishing press.

  • pressing-in and -down
  • gilt edging
  • glue binding
  • binding of raised bands
  • trimming with disc blade

Technical data

Book binding multi-purpose press

Type I

Type II

Clear width

500 mm

430 mm

Working height  (jaw opening)

240 mm

240 mm

Press surface

500 x 125 mm

400 x 125 mm

Width of parallel jaws

125 mm

125 mm

Press body

steel pipe

cast iron

(length x width x height)

69 x 50 x 114 cm

62 x 50 x 114 cm


100 kg

90 kg

All dimensions are approximately

Article number

Type I

Type II

Basic model



Conical jaws



Thread binding jaws



Trimming plane



Depth stop



Wooden cabinet