Lifting system with rolling product container LS 30.60

Mobile system to facilitate your dosing process of liquid or meltable bulks. The heatable containers are available in two sizes and can be detached from the lifting system. An electronic control unit guarantees reproducible processes.

Universal and simple

ready for complex tasks

A well-engineered system for the preparation of your bulks for the dosing process. The lifting unit hoists the container which has positive effects for many dosing systems. By adding heating, stirrer, pressure or vacuum function, the system is also suitable for complex tasks. The changeable containers with 30 l or 60 l content can be heated at the same time to minimize standstill of production.

  • separate mobility of lifting system and rolling product container
  • rolling product container of 30 l/60 l can be heated up to 90°C
  • 4 separate heating circuits for higher energy efficiency
  • vacuum function to avoid entrapped air
  • adjustable stirring for uniform consistency
  • easier dosing due to overpressure

Technical data

Lifting system with rolling product container LS 30.60

Lifting system:


1400 mm


950 mm


2350 mm


330 kg

Rolling product container


710 mm


620 mm


880 mm


110 kg

Power consumption

30 l

4 heating zones 2500 W

60 l

4 heating zones 2800 W

Heating temperature

up to maximum 90 °C


up to maximum 1 bar


up to -0.6 bar

All dimensions are approximately