Filling and closing machine MF 26.8

Based on state-of-the-art servo and control technology, precise work processes and short changeover times for various products can be achieved. Therefore the machine is very efficient in particular for small and medium lot sizes. We offer different dosing systems and a lot of expansion options.

  • low space requirement
  • cold and warm filling due to different dosing systems
  • mobile control panel with touch screen
  • easy format change with only a few change parts and without any tools
  • integrated recipe administration for 99 different products
  • ease of use
  • many possibilities for expansion

precise and efficient

for numerous products and sizes

Dosing system with integrated buffer for feeding and discharge. After separation, the linear feeding passes into a circular clocking. This has the advantage that, apart from the filling station, three more defined positions for additional processing like marking, screwing, labeling etc. are available.


  • weighing cell for controlled filling process
  • heated dosing system
  • screwing process can be integrated
  • provision of data for further processing (Industry 4.0)
  • Iintegration into production lines
  • remote maintenance
  • product labeling with inkjet, laser or others

Technical data

Filling and closing machine MF 26.8

Length from the linear feeding

2680 mm


1500 mm


2230 mm

Filling container

all stable containers from Ø 40 mm to Ø 100 mm, height max. 300 mm

Dosing volume

depends on dosing pump, from 3 ml to 2000 ml

Number of cycles

depends on filling volume

All measurements are approximate values.