Cartoning machine KT 52

KT 52 it a horizontal, automatic cartoning machine for small folding cartons. State-of-the-art control technology combined with precise mechanics guarantee consistent quality and a high degree of flexibility for packaging your products. With an output of up to 45 pcs/min. this machine is ideal for small to medium lot sizes.


flexible and user friendly

ideal for small and medium lot sizes

Tried and tested systems and clear arrangement of sta-tions ensure the operator friendliness of the KT 52. Addi-tional processings, like labelling, marking, positioning, or adding package leaflets can be optionally integrated.
Due to the low space requirement, the KT 52 is suitable for any production and can be perfectly incorporated into your processes.

Technical data

Cartoning machine KT 52


2500 mm


1000 mm


2100 mm

Number of cycles

approx. 45 cartons/minute depending on product

Suitable for products


Ø 7 – 25 mm


65 – 180 mm

Product shape

round, oval, angular, conical

Suitable cartons

Carton thickness

0,3 – 0,5 mm

Folded state

Höhe   9 – 32 mm

12 – 25 mm

70 – 180 mm

All measurements are approximate values.